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With goScore, you'll get your updated FICO® Score for free each month when it is provided to us from the credit bureau. You will be able to see your FICO® Score history and learn the key factors that will affect your score.
To get goScore, you simply need to
to the Cardholder Center and click on the goScore icon.

Once you've logged-on to the Cardholder Center, you'll also have the ability to set an alert to receive an email notification when your updated FICO® Score is available.

New users will first need to in the Cardholder Center.

New customers, please note that access to your FICO® Score may take up to 60 days, since information is updated once a month.

Receiving your FICO® Score each month does not impact your credit score.

FICO® Scores are three-digit numbers that summarize positive and negative information on a TransUnion or Experian data report. FICO® Scores are the most commonly used credit scores by lenders.

FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.